Alchemy Coaching.

You deserve to live a life you love . I will assist you to create the vision of what that looks like for you and then support you  to step by step achieve it.

Create a Life You Love. Connect or reconnect with your passion and your purpose. Live to your fullest potential and experience more joy and exhilaration.

Life’s a journey and there are times along that journey when we feel we need some support to get to the next level.
It’s not that we don’t have our answers, as I believe if we get in touch with our higher selves, our inner knowingness, we can know the best course of action to take.
When we are in overwhelm or crisis or just at that place where we know something has to change but we are not clear on what the next step is, to have some support from an impartial coach can be of benefit.

I have assisted many women to Turn their passion into Their Profession.
When I first became a mother ( nearly 3 decades ago), I knew I wanted to be at home, present with my children. I also wanted to work, I have been motivated to provide for myself since I was 15 years old.
I went through a process of figuring out what I loved and created a successful business doing just that. For over 10 years I worked from home creating delicious homemade dessert cakes for local restaurants. This business gave me the flexibility to work the hours that suited me around the needs of my 3 children. Since then I have created other home based business’s and love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you have a passion that you would love to turn into your career I have the practical tools and years of experience to assist you with that.
Even if you don’t know what your passions are and just cant keep going to a job that doesn’t nourish you we can figure out together a path forward.

How I work is through my feeling realm, I feel into and am guided by what comes to me during our session.
I will ask you some questions to get a feel for where you are at and then delve into where you want to be and then work out a plan to guide you there.

As a coach I feel my greatest tools are my ability to be present, listen with the ears of my heart and to feel into the energetic story.

I feel blessed and honoured to work with others so that in time you will feel more confident in trusting your own intuition and be your own coach.

Personal growth is a critical piece to creating sustainable success in any area of live.When you decide to work with me I will ask you to commit to your own personal growth to support the changes you are creating..  I will guide you with resources if required.

Sessions run for an hour – hour and half.
Sessions are done by phone or Skype.

If you are local to Southern HIghlands of New South Wales coaching sessions can be organised face to face by contacting me on 0457613078.
To book a session please complete the form below, be sure to include your phone in the comments section. I will contact you to set up a time.

Alternatively: email:


I would like to commend Kym on her skills, passion and talents in the area of Holistic business coaching. And recommend her to prospects that want to change their life and approach to business to be liberated.

Kym uses a highly intuitive approach in her work to draw out the hidden parts of you, that are potentially holding you back in co-creating success in your business life.
For me, being successful was actually quite frightening as it meant I would be stepping into my work with complete authenticity of who I am, translating in what i do.
Working on this (being an authentic professional) and the practicalities of building a profitable business (marketing & financials) through visualisation and a step by step approach, were the key areas I worked on with Kym’s guidance.
I am more than pleased to have achieved all the goals I set before myself and to be supported by Kym.

Sophia Markovtzev-Cece
Holistic Practitioner (MACA)
Counselling / Psychotherapy

It was both fun and freeing to work w/ Kym. Her practical and spiritual insights helped me to open to possibilities and to “ground” my experience into a “program” I can share with others.
Kym’s attentiveness, presence and faith in me and the value of my contribution was like a “confidence-injection” which encouraged me and keeps me going.
Kym also has a gift in holding others accountable in a kind-firm way.
I really appreciate her midwifing my gift-work into the world.

Ildiko Haag
Spiritual Facilitator