Fairy Readings


Ever Since I was very young I have had a strong connection with the fairies. As I grew and life began to layer societal beliefs on me, I put my connection and conversations with the fairies down to a healthy childhood imagination. From time to time over more recent years when I spent time in the bush I began to feel more connected to them again.

Earlier this year my gorgeous daughter, Elly gave me a gift of a book she has created called 52weeksofyou, the book has you doing guided challenges. One of the weeks challenges was to reconnect with a childhood enjoyment – this was a catalyst to my reconnection with the faeries and stepping into the messages and guidance I receive from them. I am delight to be offering Fairy Readings as a supportive process to your journey.

If you would like to organise a reading – Local to Southern Highlands please book through Krystal Kamali 0248624900 or via Skype by filling in the contact form below.

Fairy messages are delivered gently and in loving way to assist you to  expand more fully into who you truly are.