7 To 1. Bright Future

imageHow How much should we look at our past for answers?

As a coach this is a dance I see often, the dance between past stuff and and looking forward to creating our future. It’s a dance I spent many years delving into  on my own personal development journal.

I have discovered a formula that works well for me and like most powerful distinctions I have enjoyed over the past 7 years this formula I learned from my mentor Shane Krider in our Personal Empowerment online program.

The ration is 7 to one, look to creating your future, so your goals, your visualising, your vision board creating, 7 times to one looking back to your past.

There is sometimes a valuable insight in our past stuff or there can be an energetic cord or subconscious mantra that is still affecting your progress.

It is a trap of some healing and therapeutic modalities, even some personal development models that continually look into our past to “free us” to be who we desire to be.

The truth is, if we spend the majority of our time looking at the past we aren’t going to progress much.

We each must find our own balance however I have found the 7 to 1 a productive and empowering guide.

We all deserve to live freely on our own terms and taking responsibility for where we focus our attention is part of that freedom.

Agundant blessings




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