Are You Invested More In Your Past Than In Your Future?


Why do we allow fear to stop us from breaking free off our past and creating the future we deeply desire.

I talk to loads of people every week. Usually they “say” they want their life to be different and yet they don’t do the things it will take to create that change. Why is this.

Looking at my own life and my own stuff it’s because we are so invested in our past stories, they are familiar and some how a comfort to us. The idea of letting those habitual practises of sharing our drama can be overwhelming to the point that we don’t do it.

Heres an example that stirred in recently.

I had a situation which I wanted to transform, to release to let it go as it was no longer serving me, I had learned the treasures from it and it was time to release the old to make room for the new and yet the old kept plaguing me.

I eventually ask my spiritual team for guidance and the response was” do the loving kindness meditation”. I noticed how absurd an idea I felt this was. You see I was still invested in the past story, I was disappointed, hurt blah blah blah so I wasn’t truly ready to release it.

Once I became aware of this, I began the loving kindness meditation daily and the release happened because I was no longer resisting it. We all know what we resist, persists.

Pare you more invested in your past story than creating you future?

If you would like my recording of the loving kindness meditation go to and click on the meditation tab

I’d love to hear your wins.

Abundant Blessings.


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