What If …….


I recently had a profound, What If… Moment whilst watching a beautiful snowboarding movie By Nicholas Muller called Fruition. Fortunately for me my sons show me lots of snowboarding movies and I love watching how these young me. And women create their dreams and how they work with the environment to experience maximum joy.

It was whilst watching the film inspired by the way Nicholas Muller shares his gentle, respectful perspective and mixed with a personal development exercise I am working with I had a ” what if” moment.

My What If moment was, what would my life be like if I turned up the volume on my past success’s and only focused on what I want to create.

I have written previously on how I created a goal into reality by only focusing on my vision so now I am adding another dimension to that by only focusing on my past wins and dropping all past failings and challenges.

Pits an interesting thought and one that has me curious, so the only way to satisfy my curiosity is to set myself a challenge.

I am, for the next 21 days focusing only on what I want to create and only on my past success’s, in fact I will make it a daily practise to turn up the volume on my past wins.

If you would like to join me, by all means do and I’d love to hear how this progresses for you. Post your wins with us. I’ll keep you posted

Abundant Blessings. ❤


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