Our Soul’s Purpose is Expand.

Our soul’s purpose

Our soul purpose is to expand, our human purpose is to be in joy, to have fun, to do more of what we love.

Think about it, I am no expert however this is what I have figured out and it works for me.

Our universe has a desire to expand and it requires us in human form to help it to do that. I’m no Stephen Hawkins or Echardt Tolle so I am not going into proof, this is a knowingness for me.

The soul part of us, the part connected to all things wants to expand beyond where it has been before. We do this by consciously choosing to stretch ourselves, get out of our comfort zones, try new things, take on new learning, give another relationship or business a go even when we have been wounded in the past. It’s our human desire to keep expanding forward.

Of course there are people who do not choose this path, they tend to stagnate and contract, sorry to be so graffic but I am sure you can relate to people in your life that the spark just isn’t alive and thriving.  I send these people love and light and who knows perhaps we can carry them alone in the ride.

For me improvement is my goal, I use to think everything needed to be perfect and would beat myself up because I wasn’t, what a waste of energy.

I love, love love coaching, mentoring or simply sharing in a conversation an expanded point of view so that others can try it on for themselves.

Here is a tip. Choose two areas of your life that you wish to expand and then take the action to achieve that and keep going and see how this affects other areas of your life.

For example. You want to expand your relationship and your fitness so you create an exercise plan and do it and as you begin to feel the benefits to your body you start to see the improvement in your relationships as if by magic.

Other areas will begin to align with the new vibrational state you ate in and before you know it magic and miracles are appearing all over the place. What a joyful way to live.

Would love to hear of your experiences and thoughts, leave me a comment in the box.

Abundant blesings,







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