New Year Musings

Happy New Year Musings.

I don’t really feel like my new year begins until I have had my birthday. Being a Life Coach of course I have already reviewed my 2016 and set goals and intentions for 2017 however  I love allowing any final pieces to fall into place that will consolidate my perspective.

That final piece feel into place as we, my daughter and I enjoyed a wonderful celebration at the well know Matt Moran ,Aria restaurant in Brisbane.

The experience was  truly delightful not only for the wonderful food, which was excellent. My Barrumundi melted in my mouth and the Blueberry Cheesecake Soufflé, words can’t describe how be heavenly it was

What was also outstanding , which I  loved was the detail in the service. The service was better than I remember receiving for a very long time. The attention to detail makes the world of difference. It had me thinking how lovely it feels to be treated so well which all comes down to service. I am definitely taking this experience into my business, seeing how I can expand my service to offer people the feeling of being treated really well.

My guiding intention, my North Star for 2017 is ” Authentic Connections” and after last nights wonderful experience at Aria my compass heading is “I love being treated well ” which of course guides me to treat others well.

I could not finish this post without mentioning and sharing my gratitude to my daughter Elly. I felt so proud that my daughter made all of this happen.

Abundant blessings and I promise to post more regularly this year, to be of more service to you.


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