Tunnel Your Vision – Put Your Blinkers On.


I speak allot about focusing on your vision and away from the limitations of current or past circumstances. To create something new, something new must be created.

When we are committed to achieving our goals it helps to also put on our blinkers.

When I am patiently allowing ( that’s a joke, I’m not always that patient) my goals to materialise after I have taken the inspired action, I remind myself of times I have created what I desired. MY favourite story around this is giving birth to my 3 children.

When I first became pregnant with my daughter all the well meaning Naysayers “ stoppers” showed up. Dramatically sharing their birth stories. I made a decision to stop listening to their stories and put my blinkers on. I kept my vision strong on how I wanted to birth my babies. I decided to cut out anything that didn’t fit with the picture I had of birthing my baby, my way.

This is a great reminder to me and serves as a metaphor of how to stay on track and allow your dreams to materialise.

It is so easy to get distracted and loose focus and when we allow our energy to be dissipated elsewhere it slows the goal achieving process down.

This is one of the real benefits of having a coach – a good coach will assist you to keep the main thing the main thing.

Again I suggest choose one or two goals and keep the energy going to those, do that consistently and persistently and things will begin to shift.

If you would like to book a session with me to discuss how I can assist you, click on The “Contact Kym” tab and fill in your details.

Until next time Abundant Blessings.


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