All Labels are Lies – Why?
All Labels are lies

All Labels are Lies.
We all know how it feels to have a label slapped on us – its limiting and confining and it’s not who we are. It may have something to do with an action you took at one point in time, but it is not who you are and it certaining doesn’t address the whole of you.
I was listening to a Success Conversationpodcast recently and Shane Krider spoke on this topic. click on the Success Conversation link to hear more of Shane’s wisdom.

All labels are lies and the reason why is, because it doesn’t take into consideration time.

When I first heard this and had my own paradigm shift, Shane gave the example of a criminal. He asked the question ” when was such and such a criminal” – the person may have shoplifted once and be labelled a criminal as if they are that label always based on an action they took once. Now I am not condoning shoplifting, I am using it to make a point.

You see all labels are lies because they are freeze framing a single point in time and they are limiting the opportunity for a person to be anything other than that.
Think about teh label “failure”, this one is one I am familiar with.
I have created loads of success (including financial success but success is much more than money) in my life. 6 years ago I experienced some “failings” or what others may label failures. My 30 year marriage ended along with some other “failings”. I made a decision I was not not labelling my marriage as a failure. I have 3 amazing children because of that marriage, how could that ever be labelled a failure. I simply refused to label something that I dedicated almost a third of my life to and has brought my so much joy and still does. It has also helped to minimise the “blame,right.wrong” stuff that go on when a relationships ends or rather changes.
Imagine if label alone was removed, how different would things would be for all concerned and especially the children.

It is a great habit to get into, when you notice yourself beginning to label something or someone, stop and take another look.
Ask yourself is that really true and is it even relevant now or is that simply a limiting point of view.

What do you think?
As always – create your own reality around this – get curious when next you come across a label situation.


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