Dark Moon–Whispering the Stories of The Dark

facing the wolf

I have been working with my beautiful Art therapy goddess friend Christine Moginie for the past cycle or so and through her deeply moving Fairy Tale work I have faced some hidden aspects of myself.

I am an optimistic person, I choose to be that way however there are aspects that stir deeply in me and I feel there are times to speak of these and the dark moon phase is the ideal time to whisper these stories.

Women have been gathering at the water well for years and in times past the conversations that took place at the water well were crucial for the wellbeing of their community. Over time, western women have shifted these conversations into ideal gossip that serves no one and certainly not our world.

For me one of the travesties of not living in our power, is women betraying women.

I have been the betrayer and betrayed. I have experienced jealousy, verbal cruelty ( name calling), judgement, assumption, humiliation and being pushed aside for personal glory. These are the shadow aspects that we must be brave and find the courage to face, to acknowledge both our giving and receiving or betrayal of ourselves and other women.

I have faced the wolf ( the shadow) and stated clearly and firmly “ I am no longer afraid of you” by so doing I empower myself to acknowledge all aspects of me, my wounds, my regrets, my betrayals so that I may release them in love. IT is not about wrong or right it is embracing all aspects of us. To deny the shadow is only allowing a part of us to be accepted. This is the feminine way to acknowledge and honour all of ourselves.

I  stress this blog post is to acknowledge our empowering ownership of all aspects of ourselves and what better time than the dark moon phase to whisper the stories of our dark, our shadow so that once acknowledged, they and we can be set free.

Facing this aspect of myself, I opened into receiving a beautiful process that I will be sharing with the women of the circle at my upcoming Create Your Future – Vision Workshop. bit.ly/createyourfuturevisionworkshop  

I am always open to hearing your stories and comments.

Abundant Blessings.


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