Spring Equinox–Opportunity Abounds

labyrinth 002

Walking the Labyrinth is something I love to do and have often visited a local one to mark the equinox’s.

Unfortunately that particular Labyrinth is no longer available however it is a wonderful reminder of the opportunity that is available to all of us at this time of equal day and equal night.

When walking the labyrinth the idea is to let go of what no longer serves or that which is holding us back from achieving our desired life.

Creating success in any area of our life is mostly about what we stop doing. Stop smoking, stop procrastinating, stop putting up with…., stop allowing fear to rule your life, you get the picture.

When walking the Labyrinth and the middle point is reached, I idea is to  release, let go, surrender anything we no longer care to bring forward.

As it is still chilly here in the Southern Highlands I will burn a list of “ what I am going to stop doing”., another way is to bury your list, the idea is to transform it in someway.

Then as we weave our way back to our starting point of the labyrinth we express gratitude for all that we are opening up to in our lives. Expanding into all the possibilities of what we are creating moving forward.

Its like creating room in your wardrobe, if its full how can we possibly hang any more cloths, we have to let go of some cloths that no longer work to make room for the new.

Spring Equinox is a lovely time to invite balance – balance between work and play, focused effort and non focused effort, working on your projects and assisting others with theirs. Its a time of reviewing and course correcting to ensure you are on track for what you desire to finish out 2016 strongly and purposefully.

Connecting in with the natural rhythms of our earth allows to stay on track and to live consciously and connectedly.

Will you create some time today/tonight to honour the Equinox? I know I will.

Abundant Blessings and Happy Equinox.


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