Alchemy Coaching Program – Train The Trainer


What does Alchemy mean – to me Alchemy means turning base metals into precious metals, turning my difficulties into my diamonds.

I have spent a large part of my adult life mastering my alchemy skills both unconsciously and consciously. I am committed to breaking free from the self imposed labels of a challenging childhood.

You see like many of us who have experienced adversity, lets face it, that covers most of us. We have been left with a feeling that we are broken or damaged and we either need fixing or discounting because we aren’t like the “perfect” model. The high performance model that doesn’t screw up, ever.

Who ever fed us that rubbish and more importantly why did we buy it?

The answer to that question doesn’t really matter because I know everyone, including my parents did the very best they could and they loved me deeply.  What I am most excited about is I have discovered ( attracted) an amazing program that has offered me a different perspective. A perspective of “I am perfect – just as I am”. I don’t have to go searching for Mr Mark Darcy to tell me that ( from Brigid Jones Diary).

Our Alchemy Coaching Program offers me a way of looking at my life, a perspective that puts me in the all empowering drivers seat  and reaffirms the powerful creator I am. I am emotional writing this, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the Alchemy perspective that we are put on this earth to create and co-create and love and support each other. Whist I am an aspiring sovereign woman we are in this together and co creating is such a rewarding way of providing service to others.

Alchemy Coaching Program is a philosophy of transformation that will expand your experiences in all aspects of your life to new and exhilarating heights.

If you would like to learn this for yourself or you are looking to become a certified Alchemy Coach kindly pop your details into and I will be in contact.


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