Be The Partner You Want to Attract


I speak with lots of women every week and one of the common questions I get asked is around their relationship. Is this the right partner for me or will I attract the ideal partner are two of the most common ones. I get it – I once wanted to know that to.

Of course, I understand we all want to share part or all of our lives with someone special.  We want to know this person is going to be good, kind faithful and ideally we want to know they wont hurt us or disappoint us. There are no such guarantees – feeling pleasure and pain are part of this human experience. We have to know what it is important for us and then create the relationship we desire.

What we can do is, Be the partner we want to attract/have in our lives. Its all about alignment.

What I tell my clients is to sit down with pen and paper and write all the things they don’t want in a relationship, this helps us to work out what we do want. To know the deal breakers and then the deal clenches.

Once you have your list of wants – then set about being those things. Work towards becoming the person want to partner with. Like attracts like.

If you want a kind and generous partner for example – be a kind and generous person.

Side note here – you must be authentic in this – if it doesn’t come easily for you to be kind or generous then start small – like anything new – baby steps – try smiling or complementing someone on a daily basis and then increase to paying for the person behind you coffee or dropping flowers off to a random house.  You get the idea.

Its a great idea to keep a journal – count every step as a win and in a short while things will have shifted.

Give  it a go – become the partner you want to attract.

As always I value your comments letting me know your wins, thoughts or questions.

Abundant Blessings


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