Out Of Bounds – Setting Your Parameters.

Spiritaul Beings

We are spiritual beings, having a human experience.

We are boundless beings having a material experience.

We are experiencing the edges of living within the parameters of our human bodies and we are continually learning how to dance between boundlessness and boundaries. And what an interesting dance it is.

As a woman who experienced my boundaries being violated as a young girl, I have danced with allowing and saying no my whole life. Learning what is acceptable and what is not. I am pretty sure we all have this dance, as that is part of having this human experience.

Often the boundary gets overstepped before we realise that is in fact an edge for us and we choose to sure up that edge by saying – stop that’s not ok, that’s not working for me. As Esther Hicks and Abraham would say – “its the contrast”, its the learning what we don’t want so we know and can create what we do want.

There is a saying “if you want something done, ask a busy person” this is often the case because a busy people usually are organised, capable and able to follow through. However that does not mean we have to keep saying yes. How will we ever know where our edge is if we don’t practice saying no.

The thing to do if you are feeling that you are being taken for granted or abused in someway is to stop, breath, connect and ask your higher self, your guides what is it that doesn’t feel right about this situation and give yourself the space to create a new, more empowering way of doing things for yourself. Remember as parents we have little eyes watching us for a model for their own lives. ( no pressure – right). I have been long aware that who I am being is showing my daughter and  sons how to treat themselves and treat others. I have always taken a strong stand for honouring ourselves and our boundaries though not always in the ideal way. Let me just say I have given them plenty of contrast as well as empowerment.

It is quite a paradox as we find our own edges and set our personal boundaries that simultaneously, to create our desires and live our purpose it requires us  to expand and go beyond what we have experienced before – this is an amusing and sometimes frustrating dance.

I always choose to come home to myself, to find my truth, not sure up my edge by drawing the proverbial, line in the sand and release to expand beyond where I have been before.

It is a continuing dance, one we can enjoy if we understand the bigger picture.

Abundant Blessings.


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