Surrender- Dropping The Resistence to Create Flow

Surrender – Dropping The Resistence to Create Flow.

Stop resisting and go with the flow.

Getting out of your head, dropping the resistence to access your heart.
I have sat with many women over the past month and the message I keep receiving to share and guide them with is, stop resisting ( get out of your head), surrender ( drop into your heart) and create flow.
So how do we do this living in this era of technology and information?

Before I write or create anything, I stop, I get out of my head and into my heart ( I get out of my masculine and into my feminine) by putting on some beautiful music – my favourite is Scared Earth – Deva Prem is also great.
I close my eyes and I connect to my breath, I don’t try to do anything other than notice.
Breath in and out, in and out, in and out.
After a short time of doing this my head becomes quieter and now I can begin to ask my question,
e.g. * what do I want,
* how best can I serve,
* what is the message for today,
* what is my next step

This allows me to tap into the flow, the inspired thoughts, the creation.
Be gentle – we are not being forceful here, we are being kind and loving, open to receiving unconditionally with no agenda. If my head tries to take over, I gentle ask it to be quiet.

I surrender any resistance and offer myself in service which expands my heart energy and the field of potentiality is available to me.

You don’t have to see the whole story, the whole workshop, the whole blogpost, the whole book to begin.
Beginning, surrendering and being in flow is how we connect to that which is greater than us and the inspiration, ideas, words just keep flowing as does the energy.

It is a wonderful and exquisite process that astounds and delights me every time.
For those of you who are familiar with this process, I would love to hear how you experience surrendering and connecting with divine matrix.

For those that are new, or are just remembering how to open to this feminine way of working – it is like anything new – it takes practise to become more familiar with it or rather to remember how to work with it.
It is an exciting time of blossoming and expansion, please remember you are never alone and we hold hands energetically as we heal our lives and our world.
I have new workshops and offerings emerging, stay tuned much more is on its way.
Let me know what you are birthing so I can support your work.
Abundant Blessings.


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