We Heel Through Sharing Our Stories.


Spirit baby

Listening to Oz Sanchez – Gold medal Paralympian and multiple world championship  in hand Cycling, Listen to podcast . I was moved by his words “ I healed by sharing my story”. Powerful words.

I reflected on a recent conversation I was having with a dear friend and colleague.

My colleague was sharing with  me some of her journey of loss that was still very new and raw around the loss of her son. As I listened to her authentic sharing, I thought back to a time when I was in my late teens and my mother suffered a miscarriage( surely there is a more evolved name for this journey) which sent her into the depths of despair and as my mother grieved, in a very disconnected sedated kind of way, I found it challenging to be compassionate. My young, mind could not understand how my mother could be so sad over a child not yet fully formed and whom she barely knew  and how that could take priority over her 2 teenage daughters that were yearning for her love and care.. I had no idea back then.

As a mature woman and mother who has experienced several grief’s my heart went out to my mother, now in spirit as I felt some of My friends pain.

Realising that my ,others loss was in fact  a real and genuine loss. A grief that tapped into every loss my mother had ever experienced.. I felt so sorry that I had not been more understanding of my mothers loss.

I also felt much love and gratitude toward my beautiful colleague, by sharing her story part of me was healed. Part of me expanded with love and compassion.

Its easy to get caught up thinking others don’t want to hear our story, I believe our stories have power, the power to heal.

We all have a story to tell and our growth and expansion happens through sharing them.


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