Taking My Own Advise–Physic Reading.

Often we hear that Mechanics have poorly serviced cars or chefs don’t cook at home, well I’m not like that. I usually do a one card reading for myself most days, I have done for years and when I am feeling particularly  unclear or challenged Ill do a full reading for myself. Today was one of those days so I thought I would share my reading with you as it may shed some light and give you some direction also.


I used 2 decks – Fairy and Angel cards – Both Doreen Virtues decks.

Top left hand –  is Self Acceptance – this is about backing yourself – being your own best friend, quieten that doubting voice of the ego that is trying to hold you back from following your heart. Take some action – even just one step towards what you want to see happen – even if its just some research, show the universe you mean what you want.

Bottom Left – Inner Power – this marries beautifully with the above card – look within for what you desire – listen deeply to your heart and the gentle whispers of your own intuition – if you have trouble hearing your intuition, go out into nature and observe what is happening with the trees and flowers, you may want to draw and notice how you feel as you do so. Trust your inner guidance.

Middle top row – Body Care – what adjustment can you make to how you care for your body, for me it often comes back to stop punishing myself – It could be to move your body more or to simply take a candle light bath. Giving thanks for our beautiful bodies is something we could do more of.

Middle Bottom Row –  Romantic Partner – be clear about what you want and accept from a romantic partner – if you are single it is time to be very clear about the qualities that align with you. Its time to stop putting up with some behaviours that don’t serve you. If you are single and not looking for a relationship, this then is about romancing yourself – aligns again with the top row card – body care – take that bath, treat yourself to a lovely evening of romancing yourself,

Top right –  Freedom – this is sigh of being on your true path, following your heart, not buying into others stories, you will experience freedom – freedom to be who you want to be, living the way you chose and creating the life of your dreams.

Bottom right – Financial Flow –  stop worrying about the how, where is it coming from – remember money is energy and it is here in abundance. There is over $800 Billion circulating the world on a daily basis, surly what you desire to achieve is just a blimp of that. We attract who we are being – so if you are thinking more about how rather than the creation you are getting in your own way – let go, have some fun and trust you are aligning to what you desire.

If you would like further clarity on anything in your life – reach out to me through the contact form and we can organise a session.

Abundant Blessings,


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