Rise Above Right or Wrong– Watch Your Life Change.

Wayne Dyer

I have known for a long time that everything happens for a reason and there is always a silver lining if we open ourselves up to seeing it.

To take this “everything happens for a reason “ concept a step deeper I want to suggest removing right or wrong from our lives.

I learned this notion through  the Personal Development program connected to my Network Marketing Business.

Once I set the intention to stop looking at life through the right/wrong lens, things really began shifting for me.  If we are always making ourselves right by justifying our behaviours etc we are making others wrong, and we deny ourselves the opportunity to grow and understand ourselves a little better. You only have to look at gossip magazines to have this confirmed, or listen to some politicians for that matter. We are set up this way in schools by the systems that are taught.

Right/wrong has us in competition with others and with life its self and prevents us from living our true purpose that is uniquely ours.

How much would your life change if instead of right/wrong you got curious about the lessons or learning available to you?

I believe every relationship we have has a purpose, even if it seems negative – perhaps the negative relationship is to teach us to stand up for ourselves or to love ourselves enough to walk away and choose something that is more aligned to who we truly are.

Right/wrong, good/bad is quite limiting, it also allows room for self criticism and negative self talk.

If you want to expand and grow and create all you desire ,then perhaps set yourself a challenge to pull yourself up every time you think in  right/wrong terms and see if you can ask yourself instead, so what can I learn from this or why am I comparing myself to …..   It can be quite enlightening.

You are not wrong – you, like the rest of us are here to shine and live brilliantly and you cant possible get that wrong.


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