New Moon Ritual – Utilise Your Potential



Over the past couple of days I have been journaling around letting go of certain aspects of my life, both material and energetic aspects that no longer serve and that I feel are weighing me down.

I am looking to improve and expand in my life always, to be more authentic and be of service to others.

As part of my letting go I often write down those aspects that I desire to release. I do this after I have journaled, there are no short cuts here, life wants us to gain the clarity before we release it.

If you move straight to the release without the journaling you may miss some valuable insight that is the next piece for you living your purpose, your passion.

Once I have written down the aspects I wish to release I love to burn the paper so I can witness the transformation, super powerful.

Later on this evening ( for us Aussies) the new moon will emerge and with all that beautiful new potential its time to set this cycles intentions.

We are effected by this energy whether we consciously use it or not so why not work with the energies

If you are new to this and are not sure of what to intend here are some guiding questions that may assist you:

* What do I want for myself this cycle –

* What do I want for my family this cycle –

* What do I want for my community this cycle –

* What do I want for my world.this cycle –

I suggest writing these somewhere you can see and be reminded of them daily –

This weeks Fairy Guidance is a beautiful reminder we have all the solutions and answers to any question, and all the ability to create the life we truly desire. Trust you intuition – listen to your inner voice – the one that is encouraging you with love to move forward to create and manifest your hearts desire.

Abundant Blessings,


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