Gratitude a Magic Ingredient

Give thanks for all you have.

Gratitude is a magic ingredient to living a purposeful life.
No matter how challenging my life has been at times, I have and continue to use Gratitude as my way of lifting my vibration. Some days I have used my time in the car to say out loud who and what I am grateful for, this is awesome especially when you are feeling overwhelmed.
By now most of us have figured out a big piece to living on purpose and creating the life we choose is to be vibrating high. Gratitude is the magic ingredient that will instantly increase your vibration.
I have just completed our Transformational Program
One of the daily tasks is to share your gratitude, I know I have mentioned this in an earlier blog Be,Do,Have, however it is having such a wonderful impact on my life I am over flowing with gratitide for it.
Having a focused intention on calling someone up and sharing my gratitude for an extended amount of time has expanded my appreciation for the act of gratitude.
Here are some things you can do to increase your gratitude:
* In the shower or driving in the car – speak out loud as many things as you can that you are grateful for – your car, fresh hot water, sunshine, fresh food, the list is endless.
* call someone up and tell them how much you appreciate them and why – be brave this is very cool
* on waking and on going to sleep express your gratitude – I always thank my body for healing and balancing itself before I go to sleep
* make it a practise to write in your journal 10 things you are grateful for each day – set yourself a challenge to do this for a month, a year and watch your life change.
I am extremely grateful for all I have in my life and to you my reader.
What are you grateful for?


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