Patient Persistence – Being Open To The Magic Of The Universe

XfrontBig - perisher

I like to think of myself as a pretty patient person. I began practicing meditation when my children were small and would often burst into the room saying “muuuuum”.                                                             I think this strengthened my persistence muscle.

However when it comes to achieving my goals I notice I can become like a petulant child who wants to stamp her foot because its just not happening fast enough.

Over the past few days I have been observing this way of being in myself and coming back to that place of surrender. Knowing  I continue to take every step I can towards my goals and then surrendering to the timing and the magic of the universe.

A beautiful example of this came from nature. Nature is such an awesome reminder of the way things truly are.

As a family we are big snow sports fans and yes our season and mountains in Australia are more condensed compared to the rest of the world however we do make the most of it.

Both of my sons and the rest of our snow lover friends are eagerly awaiting the beginning of our season. Even though our official season opened a few weeks ago, the rain had washed away what little base we had.

I watch the preparation and the action steps both of my sons are taking waiting, showing patient persistence for the heavens to open and send those magical white flakes down to earth.

This morning I opened  my emails and received the above picture, care of Perisher Resort. The universe has shown us the magic. We have received 15cm in the last 24 hours. Our resorts have gone from nothing to skiable runs in a short space of time.

This is how our goals also manifest. By patient persistence, continuing to take the action, the universe will create the magic and you can go from zero ( no evidence of achieving your goal) to hero ( your goal manifests) over night. This is the exhilarating part – the magic of the universe.

So my advise today is keep patiently persisting, take all the steps you can and expect the magic to show up.


2 thoughts on “Patient Persistence – Being Open To The Magic Of The Universe

  1. I love the feel of your patience while I read this. Kids can do many things to us. I just never realized I was meditating while they were asking. As a fellow blogger, I too do need to look at myself for reactions. I have been working hard on my thoughts and emotions and how to live a better life. Sometimes i go back and read my own blog and say, wow did I write that? We do forget to pat ourselves on the back when life goes by. It is now our summer and time to shine. I wish you well in the winter, and so how i love the snow too.

    1. Sandy, I can relate to your comment regarding going back and rereading what you have written. I have had that experience with a lot of my writing. With regards to better thoughts and emotions – it is a continuing practice. I plug into as much positive inspiring media, podcasts and programs that I can because I get its all about who I am being. I look forward to reading your blogs. Thank you for your comments. Abundant Blessings.

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