I have been busily doing my weekly tasks since last I reported in on my year long project of completing the wonderful 52 Weeks of You book – written and created by Elly Kennedy and supported by Phoot Step Films.

I have gone back to do some of the tasks more fully – one of those was the task/challenge of volunteering.

I love how this book is living in me and how I am seeing opportunities to play more fully in my game of life.

Recently one of my nieces posted a request to assist a homeless hub in an area which is within a 2 hour drive for me. I decided I could assist with there call for help. I decided I would drive some tinned goods down to the shelter at the end of the week. Whilst at my yoga class I was inspired to offer the opportunity of others to help also. Our beautiful yogi, Kate welcomed the opportunity as did others in the class. We are now gathering a much greater quantity of food to assist those in need.

This has shown me how connected we all are and how so many just love to contribute if given the chance. This definitely has taken on a life of its own. We get more of what we focus on and this has expanded beautifully.

I am grateful for the ways the universe shows me we live in a space so filled with love if only we open ourselves to see it.

Until next time, abundant blessings.


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