Meet Lilly – my Fairy Guide

lilly 2

I would like to Introduce Lilly – Lilly represents my Fairy guide and today I am introducing her to social media, she is coming out or rather I am ready to share her with you.

Many years ago, to be honest I don’t fully recall how many and it doesn’t really matter. Some time ago my mum bought me Lilly, this beautiful figurine. I remember feeling it was a bit out of character for my mum, not the buying things, she did that all the time but gifting me a fairy was very out of character. I don’t ever recall discussing my relationship with fairies with my mum so I was a bit surprised and very grateful, my heart was touched even if I was a bit mistified.

Although I loved the gesture of this fairy figurine so many other things were happening in my life, like 3 children to raise and traditional businesses to run so Lilly just sat out on display and quietly waited until I was ready.

Fast forward to 2010 when my world was turned upside down, Lilly began to gently speak to me. She shared with me, through inspirations, the idea of  a series of children’s book I could write and she began reminding me of my childhood connection with the Fairy realm.

During that time I named my Fairy figurine Lilly, and she became a gentle supportive presence which has continued to grow to the point I am proud and excited to add this delightful element to my work.  I have my beautiful daughter, Elly and her  52weeksofyou which also helped me along, read about that here Fairy Messages

What I love so much about this is that my mum gave me a wonderful clue all those years ago. I can see here smiling down on me with a full and loving heart.

So even though we are a little tentative I am excited to what we can share to make our world a more loving and kind place. Our first book is currently at the illustration stage and will be released some time in the future.

Abundant Blessings.



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