#52weeksofyou Catch up

IMG_1725 (2)

Its been a while since I reported in with regards to my #52weeksofyou challenge.
Each Sunday morning I look forward to opening a new page of my 52weeksofyou book to see what my challenge for the week is.
I am enjoying the challenges and some of them are a work in progress like the family tree one – I plan to take my dad to Melbourne to find his fathers grave, I think that will be very significant for my dad. I remember Dr Wayne Dyer sharing the major emotional shift from anger to forgiveness he experienced from visiting his fathers grave, I will report back on that one.
I have randomly left flowers and sent a message in a bottle, and journaled about all my experiences, some subtle and some more insightful.
What I have noticed since beginning this year long challenge is how much more I am getting out and doing things, experiencing things I would not necessarily thought of doing before, like rowing a boat down a river, quad biking, doing an arrow challenge and being the first in my group to put my hand up to did it.
I believe life is like a game and I have the choice to be in the stands watching or being down on the field experiencing it. I have spent too much of my earlier life as a spectator, I love joining in and experiencing what life has to offer, it so much more fun.
I am truly grateful to my beautiful daughter for creating and gifting me this book.
Till next time Abundant Blessings.


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