The 30 Day Journaling Challenge


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Day 7 and I am inspired to share some insights.

I was inspired after listening to a Professional Marketers training call, a women who I respect grateful was sharing her story and her path to the success she has created. Journaling featured in her story and she spoke about the shift in her husband life when he committed to journaling everyday, no excuses. I became curious as to how committing to journaling everyday, no matter what would have on my life.

A week in and I have had a lot of insights into why I choose to do things a certain way and it has exposed a time when a limiting belief was created, powerful stuff right because once we are aware of something we have the ability to change it.

The other powerful piece I have added to my journaling which was inspired by Robin Sharma ( Monk who sold his Ferrari and Leading without a title fame – great books) is to ask “ what was the most satisfying moment of my day”, as I journal first thing in the morning I reflect on the day before. What I am discovering is all those small moments that touch my heart, that expand the love I feel. Yesterday when I got home my youngest son Jesse (22) had placed a chocolate bunny on my pillow, its hard to explain that moment in words but I know you have all experienced your version of it, beautiful.

I am curious to experience what else comes from this challenge.


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