Adventure Sport–#52weeksofyou



I am still smiling, I loved this one.

When I read this weeks challenge I knew I wasn’t going to jump out of a plan ( that’s what my son Jakob did for this challenge and he loved it), that’s not for me, I am not big on purposely causing my adrenaline to surge and I don’t believe that was the intention behind the challenge.

I decided to go bike riding, I did learn to ride a bike ( a friends bike) when I was young however I received my first bike off my own when I was 21 years old so I have not spent a lot of time bike riding. At 54, I was not sure how my body would respond and if in fact I would remember how to do it.

I chose a beautiful location along the south coast, a pathway that runs along the edge of the ocean, spectacular location.

I had a ball, it literally is like riding a bike, the body remembers, I had so much fun I ended up riding about 8kms. The surprise bonus is all that you get to see at that pace, things that you miss when driving in the car, I totally get bike riding now, I had a wonderful day and I will be doing this again.

I love that feeling when you do something that is out of your comfort zone and the beautiful sense of pride and ability in ourselves, it is simply wonderful.


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