Plant A Tree–#52weeksofyou


Week 6:

I got a little behind on my challenges which for a person who likes to be in control and on top of things I was aware I had this to do, so off I went to the local nursery to purchase a small tree.

I decided I would plant my tree in the national park where I go often to walk and breath and simple be, it felt  so right to give back to a place that gives me so much.  Of course it needed to be a native tree so I chose a member of the grevillea family, a Stella variety.

As I planted my tree I  quietly gave thanks to this location and I was struck by an expanding feeling of gratitude. I couldn’t  say how many times I have visited this location and how important this spot is to me.

The feeling from doing this challenge was a lovely gentle feeling of gratitude and a lovely feeling to give back to an area that is so important to me.

Thank you again #52weeksofyou and my beautiful daughter for offering me this lovely experience of giving back.


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