Volunteering My Time – #52weeksofyou.

Week 5 Challenge –

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Its now week 7 going on 8 and I still haven’t addressed this one. I am not sure why I am dancing around this one, there is some resistance and I haven’t come up with a reason. So lets just get on with it.

I am a giver, I have given all my life, I believe I am here to be of service, this has at times had me being a bit of a martyr, not a quality I recommend. I have given at the expense of myself many times over, perhaps that’s why I have resisted this challenge.

I have supported others to create successful business’s, I gave of my time to my father when no one else did, I showed up for my mum to care for her, I volunteered all of my children’s school life at their school, chairing the board attending hours and hours of meetings, organising school camps etc.

I have given and given, I still give however now days I give in ways that are meaningful for me, not what I think is expected of me.

So there you have it, I wont be serving in a soup kitchen or feeding the homeless, unless I am somewhere and the impulse is there to do that.

I am not prepared to give for the sake of giving. It has to resonate with me and I have to feel like my act is going to have a positive effect on the recipient.

I will continue to give when I am moved to do so, how ever I will not give at the expense of myself.


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