#52weeks–week 4–Future Self


The challenge – to write myself a letter, projecting 20 years forward and stating what I had achieved in the past 20 years.

I have written more than one future self letter, in fact I have a small goal card that I wrote back in 2008 which states my main goals and I have been working towards those ever since. What took me a little by surprise about this was my first thought was” I hope I am still alive when I am 74”, that did place an interesting perspective and a new level of gratitude for my healthy, reasonably fit body.

My goals have not changed a lot really, all my life I have desired the same things, once I kicked some big goals in my 20’s and 30’s ( marriage, my own business, babies, dream home) they are pretty much the same. Support my 3 amazing children, leave a legacy, and make a difference and have fun doing it. What was also interesting with this occasion was that my desires are more about who I want to be rather than what I want to have, of course I do desire material things but I want to be a giving, compassionate, courageous, kind, flexible, loving person, one who spends time with those she loves and those who are looking for some support to make change in their lives.

Again, an insightful and lovely challenge. My gratitude to #52weeksofyou.


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