Receiving Complements–52 week of you.

52 Weeks of you, week 3 challenge – receiving complements.


When I was very young I remember my mum saying “accept a complement graciously”, I learned to receive and just say “thank you”. Because of this early grooming  I thought I received compliments pretty well, hmmm maybe not.

My first awareness was when an old friend introduced me to her friend saying “ this woman is a sensational cook”. I noticed myself being surprised by that label and struggling to say “thank you”. On reflection I realised whilst i had run a successful food business for over 10 years when my children were small I didn’t think of myself as a good cook. Interesting, so why didn’t I own this label? On deeper reflection I was being self critical, because I had only trained for 2 years as a commercial cook, I wasn’t a chef and I wasn’t good as ……….. .

Another occasion during this week was another friend told me, after I had shared a story about training a team member that I was a “ natural teacher” again I scoffed a little and did that uncomfortable wriggle in my chair, hmm another compliment not accepted graciously.

For me this challenge was more challenging than I had anticipated and my conclusion is that if I don’t own it, its because I am being self critical, expecting perfection and or comparing myself to someone else.

I feel gratitude again for this new insight and will endeavour to take more ownership of my talents and skills with humility and grace.


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