#52weeksofyou–week 2

A childhood Challenge. – #52weeksofyou.


I set off to engage in my week 2 challenge of #52weeksofyou – a childhood challenge –  ,after a discussion with Elly, the creator of #52weeksofyou I knew what I needed to do.

When I was growing up, I shared previously that I was a bit of a rebellious child, not in a break all the rules kind  of way but more in a “I know what I want to do and I’ going to do it “ kind of way.

I had somewhat of a challenging childhood, past herstory, what I would do was escape to the bush and talk to the faeries.

Today I headed off with a clear mission in mind, to walk to the edge of a cliff where my eldest son Jakob has built a big boys cubby, the location is sensational and having built many bush cubby houses in my life I intended to add some sticks to Jakes. As I was heading off, mission focused, a kangaroo crossed my path, which gave me the opportunity to stop in my tracks and check in with my presentness. Oh dear I was heading to my sons cubby and not necessarily just being on my own journey ( insight number one), just because you love someone with all your heart doesn’t mean you have to follow their path, pause for emotion to flow. You see I have always wanted to show my children how important they are to me and much I love them that I have strayed from my own path ( insight number 2). Wow this is bigger than I expected it be.

So coming back to myself and listening to my heart and following my intuition I found a round circle clearing that was perfect and I was flooded with the memory and feeling of how safe and at home I feel in the bush and the memory of building faery houses as a child. So i set to work and created a faery house. Insight number 3, I can always build faery houses if that’s what brings me joy.

This weeks challenge has been more insightful than I expected, Through the element of child like fun I have discovered another unique and beautiful part of me.

I am so grateful for #52weeksofyou. I am excited to reveal what next week will be.

Until next time, Faery blessings to you.


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