Getting Out of My Comfort Zone.


Week 1: #52weeksofyou

I know that magic, and or insights occur when we are willing to step outside our comfort zone.

For this reason and because I am motivated by my clever daughters product #52weeksofyou  I am undertaking a year long challenge/opportunity to step out of my comfort zone on a weekly basis.

So today I share my week one challenge – its a move it or loose it challenge. Exercise.

I grew up with a mother that considered it un-lady like to perspire, so you can imagine the limiting thoughts that may create. Fortunately I was a rebellious child and I would escape at any opportunity to move my body, usually climbing trees and spending time in the bush.As a child I was never encouraged to part take in sports on any kind.and I am not an adrenaline seeking person, however I love to walk and I love Yoga, Yoga teaches me to be present with my body and not force it, rather allow it to move, it teaches me respect for the vehicle that houses my soul.

Today – I decided to walk – but not a usual walk that was super familiar to me, I wanted to challenge myself and it had been a long time since I had done a long bush walk on my own. 

As I walked I realised how much I love to walk on my own and why – it gives me time to listen to me, to my own heart beat, to the whispers of nature and the stillness. It reminds me of my resilience, my good fortune and the joy I experience being out in nature.

What I also realised, after experiencing a night of un- wellness, due to too much exposure to the sun and mild dehydration is that I would od well to bring the mindfulness I have when doing yoga into more aspects of my life. Stop being so focused on ticking boxes and be in flow more.

Week One challenge gave me more than I realised. 


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