I have just come off a brilliant wrap up professional marketers training call –

The one liner that stood out for me from this mornings call  was “ I know I am going to be successful”, how many of you resonate with this line? I got those lovely vibrational bumps when these words were spoken, it is a belief that I have and its the belief that keeps me doing what it takes each day, each month, each year.

The host of the call  talked about, words for 2016 and I am happy to share mine but before I do that I want to share with you a process I do each New Years Eve – its my reflection/letting go process.

Here are a list of questions I ask myself about the year that is ending:

* What did I do well?

* What could I do better

* What scared me

* What filled me with joy

* What am I remorseful about ( no self berating here please)

* What am I proud of

* What do I regret

* What am I delighted about?

Once I have answered these questions I decide and write down what I want to let go of and then I burn that list with the intention of transformation and starting my new year with a blank canvas.

This is a powerful ritual that I enjoy doing – and this year it feels even more relevant.

My 2016 mantra is “ Stand in my power and Shine”.

What is yours?


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