There is a concept that says we are the effect of the majority of people we hang out with.

I am consciously aware of raising my vibration, I know when I am vibrating from my higher self and when I am not.

I do tasks each day that will raise my vibration, like working on my mindset with personal development programs, media fasting, surround myself with inspiring people, physically and through books and audios as well as moving my body.

Something I heard Oprah say recently at a live evening event was “ be responsible for the energy you bring”, Oprah shared how she calls people to account in her life, if they come with low vibrational energy, complaining, angry etc. she calls them to account by saying “ be responsible for the energy you are bringing. What a powerful and empowering act. I am sure we can all relate to those uncomfortable situation when we have an encounter with someone who is vibrating at a lower energy, how amazing to have the courage to take a stand and offer others the opportunity to take responsibility for the energy they are bringing.

So here’s the challenge I am setting myself – for the next 21 days I am standing for high vibrations.

Of course that means I am holding myself to account to be responsible for the energy I bring. This is my “being” goal.

I wish you all a highly vibrant Christmas, remembering love is the highest vibration of all.


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