Women in Their Power.



On the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing a dear friend at her daub of her EP. The music was mostly Russian folk music, it had me in tears and experiencing exquisite Goosebumps that I knew where causing my vibrations to shift.

What I loved about this experience is how wonderful it is to see a women in her power, a women who has found the courage to not be held back by others limitations and doing it anyway.

I once heard The Dalai Lama quoted as saying “ western women will heal our world”, I take that to be women who are in their power, sharing their message, taking a stand for positive change, not buying into the negativity of gossip and complaining, telling our stories from an empowered point of view, not pointing the finger, not thinking or saying “this happened to me, instead saying” I experienced this and this is what I discovered”.

Believe me I know stuff happens, I also know that I created that stuff on some level so I could understand myself in a new way, the pain is valid so too is the learning, to teach us we are amazing, magnificent women who create worlds.

There is nothing more sexy, more beautiful, more attractive than a women in her power.


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