“ The noise of the world can drown out your inner voice” Oprah Winfrey

I have decided to retake the 17 day Personal Prosperity challenge. After listening to the first webinar I was thinking about how grateful I am for my intuition. This is an amazing wordless knowing that we all have access to if we quieten our minds enough to observe it.

I was reflecting back to when I first became a mother, 28 years ago and  learning how to care for my beautiful daughter, I remember that my guidance system was my intuition, I learned to trust my instincts as to what my daughter needed and it was spot on every time.

When I include my intuition to my goal setting, it becomes a wonderful guide,my intuition is a feeling of knowing that I will achieve my goals without necessarily knowing how,this keeps me positive and vibrating highly towards my desires. Our intuition is our super power, its an energy that we all have access to and like anything we want to strengthen, the more we use it the stronger it becomes.

I have always taught my children from a very young age to use their intuition – if they were unsure as to which decision to make I would ask them ( and still do), what do you feel is the answer, this gave them the space to look within.

Are you listening and honouring your super power, you intuition?


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