Its All About Alignment–Day 13 Speak My Truth



Yesterday I was listening to the wonderful Bob Proctor speak, he is such a wise man, he was talking about “the missing link”, if  your life is not working out the way you want it to then there is possibly a missing link in your understanding of how things work. Bob gave the example of algebra – if you don’t get algebra then somewhere along the process of learning algebra you missed a concept – life is like this also. It got me thinking about my “missing link or links”, I took this thought to sleep, as I often do to see what I awake with and I awoke with “ Alignment “. The concept that I had not quite grasped is the ease of alignment, The lessons of, life is hard, a struggle, even gruelling at times had overshadowed the concept of ease of alignment. I have experienced alignment during my life and I had an recent example that I could refer to to understand what that felt like – I put out the desire based on how I wanted to feel, I took action, plenty of it, I was not attached, in fact I didn’t give it too much thought and then I continued on with my life, the phone rang ( I hadn’t been sitting waiting for it to ring), I answered it and in the moment I knew my desire had been realised, this is the ease of alignment

To be out of alignment and “trying to make things happen is exhausting, wouldn’t you agree?.

Today my truth is – its all about Alignment.


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