Day 10–Speak My Truth Challenge



Speaking my truth means I can ask for what I want and not have to justify my reasons, I simply have to ask.

Yesterday I was in a situation where it would be easy to do allot of pleasing and saying what I thought the other person would want to hear. I decided prior to the meeting to be completely authentic, ask for exactly what I wanted and trust that if we were aligned it would happen. It felt so comfortable to do this, I surprised myself. What was more surprising was the positive and respectful response I received.

I see where I have been complicating things by trying to please, I am happy to say I am a reformed pleaser, now that’s a relief. Speaking my truth and from my heart is assisting me to be in integrity at a deeper level.

Another key ingredient is removing the need to justify, when we justify we are trying to convince, either ourselves or the other person, a non attractive quality, no more justifying.

I love the new space, expansion that is opening up from undertaking this challenge again I am grateful to Alison and Alena my challenge sista’s.


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