Day 7–Speak My Truth Challenge.



I love the Rumi quote “ The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you, don’t go back to sleep”, I know this was one of Dr. Wayne Dyers favourites and I am glad he highlighted it for me as I may have gone back to sleep and missed these wonderful messages. The breeze woke me in the wee small hours and the message it whispered was “ when you love yourself like no other, that is when it will flow”, Pretty powerful message and it totally resonates with me.

Self punishment is a destructive habit and one that seems totally unnecessary and yet we continue to do this. As I journaled this morning I pondered how and why would we not love ourselves, my thoughts were that we are judging ourselves for some past act or acts that we have done and or listened to the all the stoppers who have ever said unkind, judgemental, damming things to us and we have allowed their voices into our inner world. If I believe source energy/universe/god what ever we choose to call it is love, and I do then it would be impossible to actually not be love, and we are simply choosing to hold ourselves out from being that love with our minds, again it comes back to mastering our minds.

I enjoyed a few loving moments with Blake D. Bauer at the Mind,Body, Spirit festival on Sunday, Blake has written a beautiful book called You Were Not Born To Suffer, which is all about self love, I highly recommend it and intend to reread it myself, as clearly self love is a significant piece to my puzzle.

So my truth today is Self Love will set you free.


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