Day 6–Speak My Truth Challenge



My day began with a heart sharing mastermind, the topic of discussion was, “who am I and what is my purpose”. I shared what I am sure of, and that is, I am source energy connected to a grid or Matrix as Gregg Braden so beautifully describes, which connects all of us and we each have a material/physical individual version of this source energy. Viewing  my world from that Point of view has me knowing that we each have a contribution to make to energise and nourish the larger part of us for some greater purpose not necessarily completely clear to me, though I have a inclining its to with our expansion. So then what is my contribution??????????

When I was heavily mothering I was ticking  the contributing to the greater source box, no problem at all. More recently I have some times felt like I was contributing and many times not, so the next question is why not? – why do I feel unaligned and more importantly when do I feel most aligned?

During our mastermind I reflected on a Branding Program that I have been doing and one of the questions posed during the program was, how do you deliver your message and there were a list of options, the one that stood out for me was “teacher”, I feel most aligned when I teach. I recall being a little girl and when asked “ what do you want to do when you grow up” my answer was clear and always available to me “ to be a cooking teacher”. Teaching is my passion, I could do it all day long, and it has nothing to do with the money, the reward is doing the thing that I love, the thing that I was born to do.

My truth from my heart today is “ I am a teacher”.


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