Day 4 & 5 –Speaking My Truth



Since hearing Abraham live last weekend at their Path of Least Resistance workshop and taking on this 17 day challenge to Speak From My Heart, what a week it has been. Yesterday I had a family conversations that hadn’t been had and obviously needed to be aired. It still surprises me how inter connected we are and what I do affects my children. My children want me to be happy – of course they do, just as I want them to be happy – when they see me sad they worry, they feel responsible to fix it, bless them, the thing is there is nothing to fix, there is just allowing and releasing.

You see 5 years ago I was stripped of all my major roles, wife, mother ( not stripped just changed, adult children), daughter, business partner, that left me feeling unclear as to who I was and I have been on a quest to discover and build my life from that place. I am an emotional person and feel deeply so it has been a long and challenging journey. Through the process I have been publicly shamed, estranged by my family, ( not my children and ex-husband), misunderstood, judged, blamed, projected on and yet I am determined to be the best version of me I can be. The constant in my life has been my Personal Development program and home business, it has been my guide, I have also been blessed with one generous friend who I am grateful for. I do not feel sorry for myself as my curiosity keeps me looking within, I have chosen to feel my feeling rather than take a handful of chemicals to stabilise me, as I saw my mother do. I am an eternal optimist, I don’t  whinge and complain and I try hard not to project and blame.I count my blessings daily and know that one day “ this too shall pass” , I am grateful for all that I have learned about me, about money, about friendships and about love,

I am coming to know that speaking my truth is in fact a path of least resistance.


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