WE CREATE IN PICTURES–who’s pictures are you looking at?



I am on day 2 of a 17 day challenge to speak my truth and blogging is an outlet to honour that.

I am a student of life, of Personal Development, I believe I am source energy having a material/physical experience, lately I  have been focusing on my vibration as a pathway to creating my desires and looking at the pictures I want to bring about in my life, visualising my future the way I choose to see it.

Since shifting my focus to my vibration I  have experienced loads of movement in my energy and emotions ( energy in motion), what I have noticed is images and words of limitation, pictures that others have suggested to me over time and that I have, on some level bought into. Pictures of you cant do that, because …. , why don’t you just ……., herd mentally stuff that I am sure many of you can relate to.

It came as a surprise to me just how many of these pictures I was hanging on to.  Speaking my truth and Sharing from my heart is for me sharing my insights so that it may shine some light for you.

What I know to be true is, Manifesting is easy – that happens the moment we desire it – the journey to holding it in our hands is the BEcoming part – the awareness, the clearing the letting go, the courage to speak out and stand out to shine, these are the freedoms, the bliss, the joy in the creating journey. How long it takes for our desires to come into view is dependant on what pictures we hold and how much we feel we are winning.

To say I am grateful for all the naysayers in my life might be a stretch, though I do get the contrast/adversity is the opportunity for me to expand and grow and I am committed to my expansion and growth, so thanks for the pictures but I am hitting the delete button and focusing on my beautiful creations.

What about you, do you have deleting to do?


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