SPEAKING MY TRUTH – Listening to my Heart


Day 3 – 17 Day – Speak My Truth Challenge.

I woke this morning after a challenging day yesterday and handing the issue over to my higher self/universe/angels for guidance whilst I slept, feeling as though I needed to get back in touch with my truth. I became aware that before I speak my truth I have to know what my truth is.

So what is my truth – I am source energy having a physical experience – that much I know for sure, that part is just a knowing. I feel blessed and love being a mum, probably why its been so challenging to transition into single woman. I love being an entrepreneur, I don’t need anyone to motivate me, my desire to contribute motivates me, that and needing to give my mind a focus. I am curious about life and what makes people tick, I heard an extraordinary quote the other day that goes something like this, “ you cant know a tree by looking at its bark, its, leaves or its a branches, you can only know a tree by viewing the world from its perspective” that quote speaks beautifully to my curiosity about people and how they process their experiences. I am passionate about woman and mothers feeling valued in the world and for them to choose their own path, not by what society says they should do but what makes them feel best about themselves. I am not a feminist, I love men, I have 2 beautiful sons who I adore, I love the yin/yang and believe we work beautifully and harmoniously together if we allow it, life is not a competition, it is a challenging, joyous ride that we are blessed to experience.


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