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This time last year I was standing at the departures terminal at Sydney airport, not succeeding in holding back the tears, feeling like my heart was breaking both with loss and enormous pride, my beautiful daughter was setting off on a courageous adventure to live on the other side of the world, she was flying to London to live, indefinitely, she had booked herself a place to stay for a month. She went with one suit case and a heart full of determination. 

I am proud to say she has excelled and thrived beautifully, true to her plan she attracted a wonderful job and found a place to live. During her year she has travelled to France, Italy, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

So how have we faired as the close mother and daughter that we are, pretty well. Elly seems t have flourished and negotiated her way through the difficult aspects of living so far away from your family, me to be totally honest  it has been quite challenging though it has been made easier thanks to Skype, we message generally every 2nd day and usually have a long chat once a week, I am so grateful for the technology we have, it would have been a lot harder without it.

The year has gone by quite fast, though it feels like a really long time since I have hugged her. I continue to wrap her in white light ( as I do all 3 of my children) each day and visually kiss her goodnight each evening and will continue to encourage her to live her dreams and buy more tissues for me.

I am beyond proud and inspired by her strength and determination and commitment to her dreams.

Elly is a beautiful example of what’s possible when you find the courage to follow your heart.


8 thoughts on “ITS BEEN A YEAR

  1. What a year of letting your Daughter go and fly in the direction of her choice, we are called as Mothers I believe to Nurture…Guide,…Love and Support our children, and then we are called to Trust that we have done what was required and then support them do FLY…..Well done on a Mission Accomplished!!!

  2. That’s amazing Kym!
    Nothing is better than a mother who believes in you and gives you the freedom to follow your dreams. Inspiring! Can’t wait to support my daughter in the same way when she grows up 🙂

  3. Oh that’s beautiful Kym – it’s hard to imagine, with my daughter only being 4yrs old, how you were feeling when she boarded that plane but you’ve described it beautifully & what I know about you is that you’ll always put your energy into the most beneficial place – not in feeling sorry for yourself & feeling lonely etc – but in feeling the amazing pride in the fact that your daughter is so courageous & capable – partly because of the soul she has always been but also because of the way you’ve raised her. That’s an awesome achievement to celebrate for you! And yes, with some tissues nearby… Thank you for being so giving of your maternal energy to others too, we are fortunate to know you! ❤

    1. Kirsty,
      I value your beautiful words very much, I love how you mention the soul that she is, I have always shared with my children my belief that they chose me, so to know I have honoured their journey’s is a delicious feeling. I am truly blessed by your words, thank you.

  4. Alex – I love your reflection ” nothing is better than a mother who believes in you”, you are so right – thank you for taking the time to highlight that. I know older parents say this all the time, however I know this for my self now – the time goes by so fast – enjoy your sweet ones journey.

  5. Gave me chills Kym, you write so honestly and powerfully. I know this day will come for me too, and I am both dreading it and excited at the thought of my beautiful children making the world their own. What an incredible blessing motherhood is. So so humbling.

    1. Alena, Thank you for your kind words, it is lovely to have your positive feedback. I agree, motherhood is by far my greatest joy. As my sons told me just yesterday – If your mission is to make a difference, mission accomplished. xxxxx

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