We have all probably heard many times over to set an intention of what we want to gain from any event we attend. We do this because if we don’t know what we want, how will we know when we get it.

Before heading off to our Business Presentation and Training Event in Sydney last weekend I got clear about what I wanted to achieve. Of course I always love connecting with the people I have come to love and respect and I get clear about who I particularly want to connect with. I also set an expanding knowledge or understanding intention so that I can be focused as much as possible to all the wonderful information flowing to me as a participant. I always know I will receive my answer, the exciting part is not knowing how and when it will come  but you know when it arrives because you feel it in your body and I often feel an energy shift, I love that feeling. For me this time the piece that I was open to came when the beautiful Alison was sharing the 4 stages of business.

I have heard these stages many time however this time it landed in a different way – here are the 4 stages:

1) This is not worth it – its too hard stage – all work with little or no reward.

2) Its worth it – you start to see your leaders coming through – lead abundance

3) I’m not worth this much – can it really be this simple

4) Appreciating your value – focus on your team and what you can give.

Realising this is a cycling thing created new awareness for me – we cycle through these stages, I guess that’s what makes it interesting.

Do you set intentions before events?


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