A Tribute to a Great Man–Dr Wayne Dyer.


I, like millions of others shed a tear today at the news that  the wise and beautiful man Dr Wayne Dyer had left his body and returned home.

I have had quite a reflective day remembering the hours and hours of audio and videos I have listened to and watched of his. There are so many wise and mind shifting gifts he has shared however the one that really struck me was “ Don’t die with your music still in you”. Wayne Dyer was 75 when he passed and I am now 53 – by that comparison I have 25 years to share my music. I couldn’t help feeling a slight sensation of urgency. Of course we are all on our journey and I intend to be around to well into my 90’s however I decided to take my bucket list more seriously and get even more connected to what my music is saying.  We all deserve to live the lives our heart desires and maybe its time for us to get a little braver, take a few more risks and get moving on sharing our music with the world.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, your wisdom has become even more potent.

What words or lesson touched you the most?


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