“The Flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bees come.

”Mark Nepo’s, The Book of Awakening

Many years ago in my 30’s and 40’s I was known to many of my family and friends as KymPossible – I wore this name proudly – my super power was manifesting anything that was required for myself, my family or my community, I was the go to girl.

Recently I was masterminding with a beautiful entrepreneur colleague who awakened in me the memory of my inner super hero. You see life had knocked me around in 2010, striped me bear if you like, gave me an awesome spiritual journey. What I thought was that I lost Kym Possible in the process, what I was reminded of, was that she  is still here, I just had to be her again, connect with her again and really begin to create with my new depth of awareness. What a realisation – and my deepest gratitude to my Canadian soul sista for reflecting this to me.

The point to this post is, who is your inner super hero and what are her powers?

As a pathway to connect with her, here is a question – think of a time when you felt your most powerful, what were you doing , who were you being, what did you create?

Please leave a comment – your share will assist others.



  1. I love that nickname!! I’d like to hear more about how you got it.

    Manifesting is kind of new to me, though it’s such a simple concept that has been said so many ways. A lot of the things I wanted in life, I got because I wanted them enough, and I was willing to look at myself and my actions when I wasn’t able to achieve them. I wanted to move out, live with a great guy, get lots of puppies – and I got all of that this year and more! I may not having a big house, or live in the nicest town yet, but I just don’t think about that, because I’m just so happy to have what I have – it feels splendid. 🙂

    1. Lindsay, Thank you for stopping by and I value your comment. Sounds to me like you have a pretty good handle on the manifesting magic. Kym Possible came about using the Laws of Attraction – I believe strongly in my ability ( and everyone else’s) to create, it takes a clear vision, a strong desire and a good dose of faith and knowingness that it will come about and not be attached to the how and the when.

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