YOUR STORY MATTERS–How you tell affects your life.


Your Story Matters Letter head

Yesterday was the inaugural new workshop for me. Your Story Matters is a 1 day transformational workshop for women.

As I sip my morning coffee and reflect on the stories shared yesterday at our workshop – I am blown away by the courage, trust and willingness these women have to do the inner work and to come out with their own pearls of wisdom to understand themselves at a deeper level and then their willingness to share their stories so that it may offer insight to someone else. To say I feel honoured and blessed to facilitate this work feels an understatement. This work brings me to my knees in reverence for how truly awesome woman are.

What I love most about this work is that it is super simple ( not easy), it really isn’t about me doing loads of talking – it is about a few guidelines and simple processes that open the door to the individual woman’s path of wisdom.

After doing the workshop, women have the option to work with me one on one to tease out their stories a little more, if they choose.

Today I am overflowing with joy, for this work and to again to be in service to women and their stories, because YOUR STORY MATTERS.


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