Loss or Gain–Its a Choice.


27.11.09 012

During my time experiencing my humanness I have learned a lot about loss. I have experienced loss of loved ones, of dreams or my beautiful farm , cars and other material items. The feeling that comes most often to me is not about the material possession but about the times spent with loved ones.

I was experiencing that feeling of missing my daughter and my mum over the past couple of days and when I sat in meditation and connected with my mums energy she guided me to acknowledge my feeling of sadness, as trying to avoid it would only keep it active and then remember all the joyous times we spent together. It was amazing how quickly the sadness past and I was filled with joy and deep gratitude for the abundance of memories I have to call on during those times when I miss them most.

What a beautiful and empowering perspective this is, thanks Mum for your ever present love.

Today I am remembering all the joyous times with my mum and my daughter and the fun and laughter we shared and I look forward to and am grateful for the joyous experiences with my daughter in the future.

So you see we always have a choice – loss or gain, happiness or sadness, poverty or abundance, illness or wellness.
What will choose today?


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