Messages from The Universe.



During my morning meditation and channelling session I received a very clear message from the Universe which said “ I am here to support your decisions, not make them for you”.

We are in a co creation process, we must take ownership over our lives AND trust in universal support.

I come across many different people in my business and I discover, through the conversations, varying ways of thinking with regard to the bigger picture of life. I see a variance between no connection to universal support, to those who hand it all over and wait for divine guidance. For me its the middle road that seems to be my understanding of how it works best, to co-creating.

We must go within to ask what we want for our lives and the lives of our loved ones and from there be open to how that will show up. It is a dance with the divine and when we find our balance within that, it is the most exquisite dance.

We have the gift of free will and we must take the steps to feel the contrast ( what we don’t want) so we can decide what we do want, as we do this we allow our universe, our higher selves to expand  and then we take the inspired action to be that expansion. It is really a very simple, not necessarily easy, but a simple dance.

Get clear on what is in your heart, decide to go for it, take the first step and open yourself to receiving the universal support.


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